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Tri-Lakes Improvement Board

Dave Lewis, Chair

Morton Township Representative

Sandy Brogan, Treasurer

Morton Township Representative

Karla Miller, Secretary

Mecosta County Drain Commissioner


Linda Howard

Mecosta County Commissioner

Randy Walsdorf

Riparian Representative


In 2022, public hearings were held and the Tri-Lakes Improvement Board approved a five-year lake improvement program. A primary focus of the program is the control of invasive plant growth within Tri-Lakes.

The Tri-Lakes Improvement Board was established by resolution of the Morton Township Board on January 3, 1989 under Part 309 (Inland Lake Improvements) of Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. In accordance with the act, the Tri-Lakes Improvement Board includes a lakefront property owner, a representative from each local unit of government abutting Tri-Lakes, the county drain commissioner (or designee) and a county commissioner.

Tri-Lakes Improvement Program Budget


Improvement                                                            Annual Cost

Aquatic Plant Control

Lake Management Consulting

Administration and Contingency






Morton Township

Tri-Lakes Improvement Board Financial Reports                   

Tri-Lakes Boat Cleaning Info Sign.jpg
Guidebook screenshot.jpg

In 2023, the Lake Mecosta DNR access site had signage installed to inform boaters of the Clean, Drain, Dry, initiative.

This new sign and the tools available nearby will hopefully encourage boaters to inspect and clean their boat of any plant fragments prior to launching into the Tri-Lakes.

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